Benefits for companies

Advertise for free and find the perfect employee!

Publish Your job offer for free on and use the cumulative insider knowledge of our whole community!

The community place friends of their personal network.This way you have access to condidates who are not acitvely searching for jobs.

For you costs occur only for usable results in form of job interviewsor hirings.

The search for qualified employees − Lengthy and cost intensive?

The job search is not only an annoying process for the seeker, but also for you as an entrepreneur, the occupation of a job with qualified applicants can be a roller coaster ride of feelings and patience. No wonder, because not too rarely the search is lengthy and sometimes cost intensive.

Independently of aduvi, you have several options for employee search as entrepreneurs. If you opt for the services of a professional headhunters you can pay up to 30% of the gross annual salary. Advertisements on online job exchanges or in the print media are cheaper, but success is far from guaranteed. If you take advantage of the free service offered by the Agency for Employment, you will not incur any extra costs, but for many jobseekers and positions you will find no or very little qualified staff.

With aduvi, you can deal with many of these problems and effectively cut your employee searches, stress-free and successful.

What is special about aduvi?

aduvi combines the two successful concepts of ''head hunting' and ''crowdsourcing' into a new, ingenious process: individuals can find jobs that they find on the job exchange within their own personal network. If your proposal is successful, you will pay a success commission and fees to aduvi. This means that you will only be subject to costs if you are able to obtain usable results as a searchable company.

The bonus is distributed in three steps:

If there is a proposal for the application, the employment and after six months and a successful takeover of the applicant − The risk of a quick termination is simply shared by three parties: you, the recommender and aduvi.

How simplified does aduvi revolutionize employee search?

When you publish a job advertisement on aduvi, it costs you nothing. They present your company and the posted position completely free to a large audience. The users of our job exchange all have more or less personal networks, have a lot of contacts or are very active in social networks - and share interesting vacancies gladly on these channels. So the visibility of your site display goes beyond the pure number of users. The motivation is further enhanced by the special factor of the success bonus. This proactive action also gives you access to applicants who are not themselves actively looking for a new job. Thus, the circle of your applicants is extended to vacant positions by highly qualified persons, who are sued from the circle of acquaintances instead of professional, now by private headhunters.

So you can use the concentrated insider knowledge of a whole community to find the perfect candidate for their vacancies.

aduvi − The genius Job Market.