The idea

Become a Headhunter!

aduvi combines ''headhunting'' with ''crowdsourcing'' and thus revolutionizes modern job search. Offside of unclear jobbars, job seekers on aduvi can not only find themselves, but also for acquaintances.

The agony of job searches on the Internet

We all know the stress of job search and the power of the networks. Not for nothing is it time and time again that one had ''lucky'', or ''someone knows someone who knows someone''. The Internet swells over from job exchanges, portals and offers. Interesting places are flooded with applicants. The result: you lose the overview and quickly get the feeling not to have enough qualifications.

The solution would be a personal, widespread network that brings interesting vacancies about corners, abbreviations and recommendations to you, the applicant. But often the network is not big enough, does not work in the sector, or in the everyday stress it is not enough for motivated people to work for the seeker and to deal with his job qualifications.

But that's what aduvi does. The intelligent job exchange revolutionizes job search and adapts it to today's requirements. With us you will not only find lucrative vacancies of attractive companies, but also a whole new factor: the success bonus! Thus the job search gets a whole new page. This way, you are looking for a job not only for yourself, but also looking for offers for friends and acquaintances. They become the headhunter.

Place a friend. Get a bonus! This is how simple aduvi works.

aduvi uses a very simple and logical principle: suggest a friend for a job and get in case of success a bonus for it.

And that is how it works:

If you find a vacancy on the portal that corresponds to you or one of your acquaintances, you can recommend the suitable candidate or yourself. If your recommendation leads to a job interview, you will receive the first part of your success bonus. The next payout is made on the first working day. And after 6 months - after the end of the probationary period - the final final payment of your commission will be made.

So you see that your chances on the job market are rising sharply, because with aduvi you are not only looking for a suitable job, but your entire community is looking for you.

aduvi. Place a friend. Get a bonus!