Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and how is the bonus paid to me?

    If your recommendation leads to success, we will pay out to you up to three bonuses: You will receive the first bonus if your candidate is invited to the interview, appears in person or participates in the selection procedure in the manner specified by the company. The second bonus will be paid to you if your recommendation results in a signed employment contract or another performance agreement is signed with the hiring company. You will receive the third and final bonus if the candidate you have proposed is employed for six months in the company. Please ensure that your user profile is completed. Furthermore, payment of the bonus can only be made to you when the hiring company has paid all bonuses and fees to aduvi GmbH. For further information please refer to our website General Terms and Conditions.

  • How do I recommend a candidate?

    If you find a job offer for yourself or a friend attractive, you can recommend yourself or your friend for the vacancy. Simply register at aduvi and send the recommendation as an e-mail at the push of a button.

  • Can I recommend myself?

    Naturally! Recommendation and candidate can be one and the same person.

  • How can I check the status of my recommendation?

    In your personal user area, all the recommended recommendations and all the locations recommended for you are clearly indicated with the corresponding status after logging on.

  • Do I have to state the bonus received in my tax return?

    Bonuses are subject to ยง22 Nr.3 EStG. '' Income from benefits '' and thus taxable. So you have to specify this in the tax declaration. You will receive the necessary documents directly from aduvi after a payment. For more information, please read our General Terms and Conditions.

  • I got a referral email with a link to aduvi. What can I do?

    Congratulations! A friend or friend of yours is of the opinion that the offered position, which you find here on aduvi, fits perfectly to you. Look at the job advertisement! Registration is not required. If you would like to apply for the selected item and you need to know the required data, please create a profile. If the job does not match your interests, take a look at aduvi! Perhaps you will find an exciting challenge and recommend yourself for the vacancy.

  • What data is required for registration?

    As a private individual and / or applicant, you only need to provide an active e-mail address and password. You do not have to give your name, surname and salutation. Only if you are entitled to a bonus payment, aduvi requires additional data such as a bank account or PayPal account, depending on the chosen payment method. Do you want to register as a company? Please use this contact.

  • Is my data safe with aduvi?

    Data protection is the highest priority for aduvi. In principle, we do not pass on any data to third parties and store all data according to the German Federal Data Protection Act exclusively in German data centers. To register, you only need to provide your e-mail address and password. Only when you receive a commission we need more data from you to pay the bonus to you. If you are recommended for an open job, the search company will not know your name unless you explicitly allow it. For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • How can I publish a job offer at aduvi free of charge?

    You can publish your job offers completely independently and free on For this purpose, please register as a company or Log in, if you are already registered and have already confirmed your e-mail address. You can access the online form by clicking on the navigation point Job Offer. Select your logo, describe your company, the position you expect from the applicant and what you want to offer to your new colleague. At the end, define the three bonuses (minimum bonus is 500 euro). You should consider the following: The higher the bonus, the greater the incentive for the Internet crowd to be through their acquaintances and to make a recommendation. Before the final release, the job offer will be displayed again, as it will appear later in the detail view. In addition, all bonuses and corresponding fees are displayed individually and in total, which would be incurred in the event of a success. Only when you confirm your job offer again will this be published. It may be that your job offer is not immediately online, but is first checked by one of our employees.

  • What is the total cost of business with aduvi?

    In principle, costs only arise in the case of success for the company. The costs are composed of the three bonuses for the recommender plus the fees for aduvi. Before you publish a job offer, we will show you the total costs again in detail.

  • In addition to the bonuses, what fees are included in the success of the company?

    The fees depend on the amount of the individual bonuses. We disclose the fees individually, as well as the total value, before you publish a job offer. We automatically take into account current promotions or offers. Please note that bonuses as well as fees are incurred only in case of success.

  • May I recommend several people for a job?

    Yes. If several people in your circle of acquaintances are very well suited to the same job offer, you can recommend them. Note, however, that you are allowed to make a maximum of 2 recommendations within 24 hours.

  • Do I have to pay the premium and the fee for each job interview?

    No, the premium and the fee are only for the aduvi-mediated candidates. In the event that you have more than one job interview with aduvi, the bonus and the fee will only be payable once per mediation.

  • Can I upload my application documents to aduvi and apply directly via the website?

    No. We at aduvi believe that an application is a very personal matter. Therefore, it should also be done in person. In addition, all personal data, which is mandatory for an application, should not be stored online on the Internet for your own protection. We will give you, or the candidate you have recommended, all the information you need for a successful application. This includes: contact details of the contact person in the company and the desired form of the application.

  • Why does aduvi save cookies on my computer?

    Cookies allow us to ensure that the inquiries you send to our computer will actually come from you. This is important, for example, when you log in with your user name and password. Therefore, the page on which you enter this data will store cookies on your computer. So we can prevent the so-called CSRF-Attacks. If you log in successfully, your computer and our computer will create a session. This session can only be safely and reliably detected by our computer if we can store cookies as an identification of this session on your computer. For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.